Thank-you for taking the time to review my requests. They are for my comfort and safety, as well as yours. Being a decent well-mannered human, I believe most of this to be common sense for you. These are requests are non-negotiable and should you choose to ignore them I will disappointedly, but immediately end our meeting.


My preferred method of communication is email however I may make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please keep emails and other forms of communication concise and include your references and preferred meeting date/time/location within the first two messages. *I absolutely will not discuss anything lewd or illegal. I do not send photos either.*

Drugs and Alcohol

While I am happy to indulge in a cocktail or glass of wine (or two!) with you I am not a “party girl”. I must INSIST that there are absolutely NO ILLEGAL DRUGS or EXCESSIVE DRINKING during OR prior to our engagements. Pretty please, do not be excessively drunk or under the influence when we meet, as it will be the last time we meet.


Much of this is covered in my FAQ’s, however, please respect my need for privacy and discretion as much as I respect yours. This is particularly important in a public setting as I do not wish to draw any unwanted to attention.


Please be freshly showered and well groomed. If you are unable to shower before our meeting, please excuse yourself to use the shower at our meeting location. If you have showered before our meeting, I ask that you still wash your hands upon arrival. Thank-you!

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