Are you discreet?

Very much so. I value your privacy as much as my own. Please communicate to me your preferred methods of contact and anything I can do to help you feel more at ease. Rest assured, you are in good hands!

How do you dress before you arrive at a private modeling session?

I try not to draw attention to myself so I will be dressed casual & comfortable (think yoga pants/jeans/t-shirt). Occasionally, I will be dressed business casual. Reasonable requests that allow me to be discreet are welcome. I will change into another outfit at the start of our session (although sometimes keep on what I am wearing depending on the theme of our session).

Do you take outfit requests?

Absolutely! I love requests and will try my very best to honor them, please give me plenty of notice so I have time to gather supplies. You are also welcome to purchase supplies, however due to my unique sizing its best to consult with me first for a proper fit.

How do you dress for a lunch/dinner meeting?

Typically form fitting dresses that flatter my shape, although on the more modest side unless otherwise requested/agreed upon. Requests welcome.



Can we talk more about what will happen during a modeling/consulting session? Do you take requests beyond wardrobe?

Unfortunately, not. I prefer to meet and develop a sense of rapport and understanding before discussing more personal tastes.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. I understand that you are busy and life happens but I request 24 hr notice for cancellation. Less than 24 hrs- you are responsible for any and all costs associated with cancellation (this may include studio fees and travel). This will be capped at a maximum of $100 for sessions in the NYC/NNJ area. 12 hrs or less— you are responsible for 100% of time scheduled (half of which can be used as rescheduling deposit).

How busy are you?

For my own health and sanity I am only available for a limited amount of modeling opportunities per week. Typically 3 days per week, once or twice a day. Additionally, I do have other commitments so advanced scheduling is highly recommended.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Very much! I enjoy it most when I have an extended period of time to get to know you and when we are able to work together for multiple sessions . That is the most fun for me.

Are you punctual/reliable?

Absolutely. Your time is valuable to me. Please understand though, that because I don’t have a permanent office/studio space I am usually traveling and may struggle with traffic or flight delays. I will keep you updated in these situations and our start time will be adjusted. If a delay on my part is ever a problem we can reschedule at no cost. I absolutely hate canceling and it is very rare. In the rare event that is happens, please keep in mind that modeling is physically demanding and I am at the whim of my own body. I do not model when I am sick or when my body won’t let me. I always try my best to avoid scheduling when I feel I may coming down with something. Please be kind and remember I am only human.

What is your favorite beverage/food? What should we do on an extended meeting? May I bring you a gift?

All excellent questions. Please see my inspiration page for more information!

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