Get to know what I love and let me share it with you! For extended meeting ideas and my preferred dining/beverages please go here please go here.

While I never expects gifts, they are always appreciated. If you’d like to put a smile on my face look no further than my wishlist. Here, you can find all sorts of ideas that may inspire you for our time together or will bring me joy in our time apart. If you’d prefer to surprise me with your own creativity or a gift card, I’ve included some stores, spas and travel websites below that I love.

Bloomingdales - Nordstrom - Victorias Secret - Reformation - Babeland - Free People - Amazon - Whole Foods - REI - Bliss Spa - Aire Ancient Baths - Hotels - United

**A note about sizing: Generally speaking, I fit into petite smalls, sizes 4-6 and 32DDD/34DD but because of my petite height and curvy frame this can vary greatly!I highly recommend getting a gift receipt. Please inquire about international sizing.


As an eternally curious human with a passion for all things gastronomic, it is very hard for me to pick favorites! The only thing I am particular about is quality. Some tried and true favorites I enjoy on the regular include: pinot noir, dry champagne/prosecco, and vodka soda. I prefer my wines sulfate free.

If I am being really naughty, I love to indulge in the occasional craft bourbon, 12+ year aged scotch, or mezcal (clearly I love things that are smokey and mysterious!). If you share a passion for wine and spirits I encourage you to surprise me with something you think I’ll enjoy. Above all else, I love to learn.

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